Little Announcement


I’m so excited to share that I will be designing for Scrapbook Customs!! I’m thrilled to be working with such a great team and can’t wait to showcase their fabulous products! I was lucky enough to meet many of the people in the company and see their facility. It’s truly a hands on process and so much care and detail goes into every product they send out. You can buy directly from their website or if you want to add more products from other retailers, you can make your purchase at!

Scrapbook Customs has a huge offering of papers and embellishments that are perfectly matched to your memories. Scrapbooking a cruise that your family took? They have the perfect supplies!! What about those first day of school photos or graduation? They have you covered! Need some basics that are classic and timeless? Again – they’ve got it! Weddings, sports, foreign countries, stamps for your projects, there’s something for you at Scrapbook Customs. They also support both physical and digital scrappers. It’s the best of it all!

I’ll do an unboxing video when my supplies come in, and of course, you’ll see the fun stuff I create with the supplies! I can hardly wait!

Brief update

Just a super brief update. I’m still around – but got hit with a couple health things and had to rest a lot for a short bit. I dislocated some ribs in a past fall, and finally got into a chiropractor to get them corrected. After I got those ribs settled down, I dislocated my shoulder. Yeah, it’s as crazy as it sounds. No, I have no idea how I did the shoulder trick! I ran a bunch of errands the end of September, was in the car most of the day, and when I got home and out of the car, I had a lot of pain in my shoulder. Headed straight to the chiropractor and got it fixed, but have been having to ice and take it easy. We have no idea why my shoulder is misbehaving! Now that I can use it a little, I can get back to my blog and crafting!

I’m finishing up my classes that I’ll be teaching on my trip to Destin, FL next month. Wednesday, I’ll be posting some other news! I’ve been sitting on it for three weeks as I’ve been recuperating – so I’m pretty much ready to explode with excitement!

Update to Typecast issues


I have finally been able to follow up with WRMK about the issues I’ve been experiencing with my machine. Ultimately, I’m getting a replacement. They wanted me to ship it to them and then they would send out the new machine. I have an online weekend crop starting later today and I really don’t want to be without…..and, their offices are within five miles of my house. Seriously. So, to save on shipping costs 😉 I offered to drive over to their offices to exchange my machine in person. YAY!

I’m packing up my beauty and will trade her in for a twin 😉