It’s a frozen Wednesday

The weather down here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama is record breaking cold! We have a winter storm warning! In the deep south!!! Crazy!

Roads have been closed, bridges are iced over, school is canceled, and many businesses are closed – including local government! While this may not seem like much to some of you that are used to winter weather, this is new for most people in this area. We don’t have snow tires, snow shovels, plows, etc. The city was sanding streets to help, but the roads got too dangerous to continue by 5pm. Folks in this area have no idea how to drive on roads with these conditions, and sand isn’t the same as salt on the roads. Snow plows have been sent south, but I don’t know if they are coming this far. The interstate is closed 3 miles north of me. It’s COLD!

We’ve had freezing rain and sleet all day. It’s supposed to continue to sleet and snow through the night. Tomorrow we’ll be lucky to see the low 30s. Weathermen are saying that the ice will not start melting till Thursday.

I’ve taken some photos throughout the day, and I plan to get up early (-ish) tomorrow morning to get more photos. The icicles are so pretty!

Here’s the shed in the yard around 2:30pm.

230 shed

The truck had ice on it when my husband got home early from work. The roads were getting bad, so all the employees were sent home. It only got worse! Here are the cars at 2:30pm.

230 cars

230 truck

By 4:40pm they were looking like this….

440 cars

Around 5:15pm I took some more photos outside. Here are some icicles hanging on the roof line.

514 roof line

And our front yard starting to be covered by white stuff – mostly sleet.

512 front

The cars at 6:30pm…they are really becoming covered! (it’s dark now, so the photo quality is awful, sorry)

625 cars

At 8:30pm, the front yard is looking more covered…. The streets and roof tops are all white.

830 front

The cars continue to collect more ice and snow…..

831 cars

As I said earlier, this weather is expected to continue through the night with sleet and snow. We did see some icicles on the power lines and trees. The news is reporting some breaking tree branches on the main road a block from us. We are praying that the power holds. Our area has been warned to expect possible outages. We are snuggling warm in our beds, under extra blankets, just in case!

I’ll try to get more photos posted later, after I photograph the winter wonderland Wednesday morning! If we don’t have power, I’ll get them posted as soon as I can. (But, I plan on having power!)

Check Sam’s Blog, at Scrapping with Pirkie, to see what she’s working on now! (and see what she finished, too!)

Wherever you are – stay warm! I think I’m going to try to scrap while I’m stuck indoors! Take some time to participate in our Monday Challenge #4 this week! See you guys soon!

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