Minimalist or Maximist?

When it comes to stuff on your desk when scrapping, what’s your style?

Are you a minimalist? Do you only pull out what you use, and immediately putting it back before proceeding? Or do you at least clean your desk and area up before starting a second project?

Or are you a maximist? Do you find yourself pulling out all sorts of stuff that might work on your project and discarding it nearby instead of putting it away right then. Who knows, you might change your mind and it’s the perfect thing all of a sudden, am I right?

Well, I lean heavily towards maximist and would like to retrain myself and be more minimalist! Ideally I’d love to be able to have whatever I pull out still out while I’m actively working on a project, but then, when it’s done, I want to have it all cleaned. I want to. I do. I’ve got great intentions…..and that’s why my desk is buried under a bunch of stuff I’ve pulled for various projects!

I have had short periods of time where I was doing very well with putting all my supplies back away after a project. It made being creative much easier – I could find anything I wanted fairly easily. I need to get back to that. I find myself spending too much time searching for supplies I know I have…..somewhere….. So, today, I’m clearing my desk. I’m going to try to recommit to being better about putting all my supplies away after I finish a project. Then, when I want to be creative, I’ll have a welcoming, clean space where I can find all my stuff when working on projects!

Share in the comments – are you a minimalist or maximist? Do you wish you were different? Have you changed from one style to another over time?

Have a great Wednesday…..I’m digging out over here! Be sure to stop in at Sam’s, she’s got a colorful project up today! See you on Friday!

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