Life Moves Fast

Not a scrappy post today. This is a life post. As in, life is busy! It surprises me sometimes how busy things can be! This is just a bit of a discussion about tidbits of this and that occurring in our family life. :)

We went to Disney the first of March. We had a BLAST! So much so, that my hubby and I are looking forward to going again, and are already scheming as to how soon we can go back! I know, we’re crazy! I do know that 7 days in the parks was too much. We were going strong every day. We won’t do that again. We think 3-4 days, tops. And maybe adding in a day of no park, just relaxing. So 4 days, 3 in parks, one relaxing. Maybe. Well, that’s the thought process so far. Oh, and we definitely loved staying on property and having a meal plan. It makes vacation so easy! We are actually evaluating annual passes. It looks like one adult annual pass will give enough discounts on hotel and such, that it will pay for its self. We are still doing lots of thinking and planning. (We loved a cruise we took together several years ago, so I can’t rule that out, either. I can only guarantee that we loved having time together as a family and taking a formal vacation. We have never had a family vacation until now.  We will be doing it again, and plan to make it a regular thing!)

We got home from Disney on a Sunday. Monday the kids went back to school, and Monday night we added to our family. We brought home a new furbaby. I totally love poodles. Love. I have two toy poodles – one is about 7 lbs and is a blue female (silver colored). My other toy poodle is black in color, and pushing “miniature” size with his long legs. He is about 10-11 lbs.  Our new baby is also a poodle…..a larger one. We brought home a black standard. He has a white stripe on his chest and a tiny bit of white on his chin. At 11 weeks he was 13lbs. The breeder estimates he will be close to 70lbs. He was the moose of the litter. 😉 I think he has bear paws instead of puppy paws! He’s got some big feet! (I don’t have pictures of him on my computer yet. It’s the middle of the night and I’m going on a field trip with one of my kidlets tomorrow, so I’ll just have to promise to upload a photo soon!)

While we were gone to Disney, we also had a bit of work done on the house. We replaced a small area of carpeting in the hall with hardwoods we had left over from the main flooring install a few months ago. The area is a main walking area. The only way to the bathrooms is to walk on that section of flooring, so to do the work, we really couldn’t be in the house. We were lucky enough to get it all coordinated to have the work done while we were gone. We used the same crew that has given us beautiful wood floors the past two times we’ve had work done. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Prestigious Flooring! They have an amazing crew and do beautiful work! We trust them implicitly!

SO, between getting back in the swing of things after vacation, a new puppy, and cleaning the house after having flooring replaced, it’s been a bit crazy! 😀 It’ll calm down again soon…..for a little while anyways, before it kicks back in high gear!

See you on Friday with some photos and hopefully a layout! Our Make Something Monday Challenge ends on Sunday, so there’s time to still link up your projects using stencils or masks!

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