My “to-do” Wish List!

It seems that I’ve always got a running list going in my head. A list that I’m going to start writing down. The items on that list are the things I want to do or try in my cardmaking or scrapbooking. That new technique. A new color combo idea. Using that ‘thing’ you’ve been hanging on to. Those things. The things that I tend to not think of when it actually comes time to sit down and spend some time being creative. I’m sure that many of you are like me, and I tend to fall back into comfortable patterns when scrapping and papercrafting. I like my box sometimes. 😉 BUT, I also want to spend more time outside that box, and so I’m gonna write down my list! Then, I will do my best to start checking things off that list and share them here with you.

One of the things at the top of my list is to participate in more challenges. I know I issue a challenge every Monday, but it’s rare that I submit to other challenges. So, today, my goal is to sit down and make something for a challenge, and post it here. Today. Yes, my goal is to do a second post this Wednesday! I’m still on the mend with this respiratory junk. I am surprised at how quickly I tire out these past several days. My general daily list of chores is pretty short due to this, so I think I can do this today. (We’ll see if a nap wins out!) Wish me luck!

(on a side note – I keep a notebook near by that has all sorts of stuff in it. All those little pieces of paper that I used to write down short lists? It’s in the book. That meal plan? The book. Christmas gifts yet to get (from this past season’s shopping list). Yep, in the book! I found I was constantly looking in a pile of little papers and post its beside my computer for those tidbits of information. Now I know that the running lists that used to be on those are in my book. It’s been working beautifully for me for quite a while now – probably close to two years. I just start a new notebook when I fill one up. So, I’ll be making a new list in that book. Because, I believe, there is little more satisfying than checking off items completed on a list!)

Check in with Sam to see what she’s working on, and don’t forget to upload a project for our Make Something Monday Challenge #12. This week we are looking for doilies on your projects! See you later today (fingers crossed)!

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