Some Assembly Required

missing bag

I’m putting together a piece of recollections storage furniture. I purchased two identical pieces a week ago. First one went together without issue. Opened the second unit’s box…..missing one of the bags of screws. The main bag of screws to assemble the whole piece! (no bag #1 in photo above!) I called the number on the directions – it was a recording saying the number was disconnected but gave another number to call. I dialed and a woman answered the phone: “Hello?”

I was taken by surprise – I totally expected a professional business type greeting! I said, “um….I’m trying to reach Recollections?” Yes, it was a question… She said “Yes?” So I explained that I had purchased a piece of storage furniture from Michaels Craft Store and was missing one of the bags of screws included in the hardware. She asked my name, phone number and email address. Then she said I needed to EMAIL them my address and request the screws!! I told her that the instructions clearly stated I could call to get the parts, and could she please take my info over the phone. She seemed a bit put off by my request, but said she could. I gave her my mailing address and the item number of the product I purchased. (and clearly I did not think this through before calling because….) She then said it would take about 48-72 hours to process my request, then they would ship them out and it would take 5-7 business days to be delivered. That’s maybe waiting 10 business days to receive the part. While I have all the bits and pieces scattered around ready to be assembled…… So I’m headed out to go buy some screws.

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