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Since moving, I have to rethink my organization and layout to fit my new area and current storage options. After my assembly debacle in the last post, I purchased some screws and assembled the storage piece. While assembling the piece, I was analyzing how I wanted to use the space I have. I used part of the afternoon brainstorming and running through creative process ideas – what do I want to accomplish? How will I use the space? What do I want closer to me as I work? What is less important to have at my fingertips? What areas will need space to grow as I add supplies and are there things I really don’t need anymore? All these answers affect the way I want my space organized and the layout that will be most efficient for my creative process.

Think about your space and the way you have your supplies organized. Think about your creative process. Do you look at a project and think – hmmm….I need a tag/label/button right here…. Or do you look at it and think – I need something blue/red/green…. Knowing your own creative process and how your brain works and what your eye looks for will help you to be more efficiently organized. If you tend to look for color vs supply type can help.

I used to be organized by color – all my red items were together. I had one divided organizer that held all my red brads, clips, buttons, glitter packs, ribbon, twine, etc. After a few years I noticed that my creative process had changed. I found myself often looking for a specific shape or type of supply – regardless of color, or rather less specific on color. I could choose any tag that coordinated with my layout, but I knew I wanted a tag in that one spot. As a result, I reorganized my space to fit my creative needs.

As I keep tweaking my new space, comment below… How are your supplies organized? Do you notice that your creative eye tends to look for a specific color or item? Has your organization style changed over time?

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