My love/hate relationship with Multi Medium Matte

Actually, I love the product….I hated the packaging! When I first purchased the product, I chose to get the 1.1 oz size with the built in brush. I figured that I was getting more than twice the volume for only a little bit more cost. I knew at the time that the squeeze bottle would be more convenient for my usage needs, but reasoned that the value was worth the hassle. I was wrong.


While I absolutely adore the product, the container gave me tons of grief. The threads of my bottle got so gummed up and made the container so difficult to open. (see how the threads of the bottle are all gross up above?!) I also discarded the foam liner that was in the top of the cap. The liner would stick to the bottle, and I’d end up pulling the brush through the small hole that went around the brush insert. I finally threw it away after it happened a few times. I didn’t notice the cap sticking any more or less when I did that – if it was even there for non-stick purposes. So, to use the product, I’d use the brush and put a bit on my non stick mat, and dip my sequins or embellishments into it. Occasionally I’d use the brush directly on my project, but often I use this as a glue for detail work, and the brush is too big. As a result, I was wasting product that was left unused on my mat which totally negated any value in purchasing the larger bottle.


I had seen several people posting that they use this tiny nozzle on their regular squeeze bottles of the multi medium matte. It gives you tons of control over applying even the smallest amounts of glue for embellishments!  It has an integrated cap for the tip, and the whole thing screws onto the bottle using the threads the cap would use. I figured I’d just swap the contents of the larger bottle to the small squeeze bottle. I’ve used a lot from my bigger container and estimated that it would fit. Now, how to get the stuff in there? (If you already have the squeeze bottle style multi medium matte, you will only use the cap in the package. Simply remove pull out the original nozzle that’s in the neck of the bottle and screw on the new precision cap! That’s it! I ordered the precision tip from Amazon.)


I grabbed a sandwich sized zipper bag and a narrow palette knife and scraped the contents of the bottle into one corner of the bag. Then I used scissors to snip a tiny corner off and squeezed the contents into the bottle. I’d stop occasionally and tap the bottle to get the contents to settle into the bottom. I had used enough from the larger bottle that I had a full smaller squeeze bottle and just a smidgen left over. I threw that little bit away in the garbage. If you had a full bottle, you could easily put whatever fits into the smaller bottle and then screw the cap back on the big container and set it aside for a future refill!


I knew I wanted a label, and luckily, the larger label peeled off quite easily from the old container. I transferred it to the smaller bottle, and trimmed the UPC and manufacturer name off to make it fit around the bottle better.


Now I have the perfect solution! I can use the tiniest dab of product to secure my sequins and smaller details and I’m not wasting any of the goodness! You may not have the issues I’ve experienced – and if not – is there a secret to keeping the threads clean that you’d like to share? It’s not like I was being super messy and getting the product all over the threads on purpose. It really did mystify me as to how it was happening!  (for example – my mayonnaise jar isn’t all gross! How did my multi medium get like that?!?) Also, share below if you’ve had another product that you loved but had to find another way to store or use to make it work better for you!

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