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beautyIsn’t she pretty???

I’ve been wanting a manual typewriter for several years. I didn’t want an electric one – I really wanted a manual one. I’ve searched thrift stores and flea markets but found that I had two issues. First, there was no guarantee it would work and/or that I could get replacement ribbons. Second, most places wanted $80-100 if it was currently working. I’m totally not above buying second hand! I love flea markets and I also love a bargain! My husband and I do have one caveat though, if the second hand price is more than half the cost of new, then we evaluate how it would be best to spend the money. Sometimes it’s smarter to spend a little more for a new item, and sometimes, we still go second hand. In this instance, looking at our options, I started looking at new manual typewriters.

A few months ago We R Memory Keepers released a new tool – the Typecast! I was in love – I mean, *hello*, PINK typewriter? What’s not to love?? The price point was higher than I hoped, and while it was available at Michaels, it was excluded from coupons. (cue sad trombone sound effect) I turned to Amazon and started pricing some typewriters, but was hesitant to hit the buy button. Was I really sure I wanted to spend that much on a typewriter? Ugh, indecision! I hemmed and hawed a few weeks and then got some glorious news. Michaels had the Typecast on sale!!!!! The sale price brought it down to what I would be spending on a typewriter from Amazon. Angels sang, clouds parted, birds helped me get dressed, (what? I’m NOT a Disney princess?!?) and I hurried down to my local Michaels! I got the *last* typecast they had – and it was PINK! I also picked up some extra colored inks – the brown, gray or silver (FUN!), and one I thought was magenta but looks suspiciously like a red.

stuck-gSee my stuck G key? Grrr!

I finally opened it today. Read the user manual really quickly and started typing. It feels different. It’s been a zillion years since I’ve typed on a manual typewriter. You have to hit the keys much harder to get the ink on the page! I found that “hunt and peck” was easier on my hands than proper hand to key positioning. Then I started having an issue or two. :( One of my keys keeps sticking straight up in the air, and it’s not the x or q…it’s the g key. One that gets used fairly often. Often enough that it is going to get super annoying to manually release it every time I go to use that key! Also the ribbon carrier is sticking in a higher position often. Not every time, but frequently. I have to fiddle with it to get it to go back down. (forgive the lighting on these photos – I should have moved my lights over there. Lesson learned!)

stuck-ribbonRibbon carriage is stuck in higher position

I called WRMK and spoke with customer service. She had me check a few things on the underneath of the typewriter but ultimately we couldn’t fix the issue. She will email me back after consulting with her team. She said there may be a fix I can try, or they may need to send me a new machine. I can still use it for now until I hear back, it’s just quirky for now. I’ll let you guys know what the results are after I hear back.

P.S. Is it weird to gaze lovingly at a piece of machinery? What about petting said machine? 😉

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