Early Morning Photos


As soon as the hubby and kids hustled off to work and school, I jumped in my car and drove to a local park for some photos.Before the sun comes above Timpanogos, it’s hitting the mountains to the north of us, and it’s beautiful! I love the views here!


I also got some close up photos of a fading summer flower.


A detail shot of a pine branch that I can imagine being covered with snow in a few months!


Then driving home, I stopped on a side street to get some pictures of the sun as it rose over Mount Timpanogos behind our house. You can see the G on the mountain in this photo.


Here’s a photo of the same mountain from our back yard two days ago after the first snowfall. Most of the snow is now melted, but the weather is cooling down quickly!


Now, to get these photos printed and get some scrapping done this weekend!!!! Maybe I’ll even get a bag of skittles… I love to have skittles when I’m at a crop, but don’t tend to snack on them when scrapping at home. Maybe skittles will make it feel like a mini vacation? 😉 Do you snack while you crop? What’s your favorite treat?


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