Little Announcement


I’m so excited to share that I will be designing for Scrapbook Customs!! I’m thrilled to be working with such a great team and can’t wait to showcase their fabulous products! I was lucky enough to meet many of the people in the company and see their facility. It’s truly a hands on process and so much care and detail goes into every product they send out. You can buy directly from their website or if you want to add more products from other retailers, you can make your purchase at!

Scrapbook Customs has a huge offering of papers and embellishments that are perfectly matched to your memories. Scrapbooking a cruise that your family took? They have the perfect supplies!! What about those first day of school photos or graduation? They have you covered! Need some basics that are classic and timeless? Again – they’ve got it! Weddings, sports, foreign countries, stamps for your projects, there’s something for you at Scrapbook Customs. They also support both physical and digital scrappers. It’s the best of it all!

I’ll do an unboxing video when my supplies come in, and of course, you’ll see the fun stuff I create with the supplies! I can hardly wait!

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