Photo Friday

I’ve got some photos to share with you today. It’s been one heck of a week!  (and much as I’d love to keep it a shocker, be aware there is a photo of a snake at the end of this post. If snakes scare you, be aware. It will be after the photo of a tire, so scroll carefully)

ham First up, HAM….yummy delicious ham!! I tried a new recipe to cook this ham and I have to say I don’t think I’ll ever cook a ham differently! It was so moist, flavorful and tender! What did I do? I cooked it in the crock pot! I’ve always baked hams in the oven, but I didn’t have the time to do that this week. I had a busy day, so I googled crock pot ham. I came across a blog post with rave reviews.  (you can find that blog post here.) So, I tried it! It was heaven!

flat pup

My silly puppy! Yes, he did snooze a few minutes draped across the steps like this. No, I don’t know how he thought that was comfortable! He’s quite the goofball sometimes!

wet gus

Here he is all wet after a bath. He is so sweet and gentle! He takes great baths, too! Now that he’s outgrown my big kitchen sink, we bathe him in the kids’ tub. His first bath, he just layed down in the water! He’s preparing to lose those sharp baby teeth, so he’s chewing a lot! He is pretty good about keeping it to dog toys, thank goodness! He is rough on the stuffed animal toys….we’re gonna have to invest in some tougher stuffies!


And, on Wednesday, this happened. It’s the first flat I’ve ever had out on the road. Yes, I hit a curb…but I know it was better than hitting the idiot that was over the yellow line and in my lane as I was turning left. I couldn’t see that he was on my side of the road until I was already in the turn. I was so glad to have roadside assistance. While I know how to change a tire, my strength isn’t what it used to be, so I was grateful to be able to call my insurance to send someone out! (Hubby was tied up with work.)

Snake photo is next…..don’t scroll past here if you don’t want to see it……




It’s not a big snake…..but it is a snake……



After the older boys brought the trashcans back up to the house from the curb, they rushed into the house saying there was a snake in the driveway! I went outside and did find a dead snake in the drive. It was a small snake. It was just over 12″ in length, but I didn’t know what kind of snake it was. While I doubted it was poisonous, I still wanted to check! I went and used my good friend google, and determined this was a brown snake. Real descriptive, huh? Just a common brown snake. And while I thought it might be a young snake, I found that this is an adult! They stay small – full grown at 12″. I think one of the neighborhood cats may have killed it.

Ok, so there is a short and sweet photo account of highlights from my week. How has your week been?

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Flashback Friday!

Next week I’ll let you in on what’s been keeping me so busy these past few days! Until then – here’s another flashback post. These were originally posted in April of 2013.

Just dropping off some images of a few somewhat-recent layouts I’ve made. I have more around here….
I need to photograph them….
Soon, I promise…

I’ve been scrapping older photos – some are 10 years old….others are almost 30 years old! Enjoy!

This is Life Circa 1986


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Merry Christmas – Photo Love Friday

I really wanted to scrapbook a photo I have of my sister and me as small children visiting with Santa. I have to admit, this layout gave me serious fits! Have you ever wanted to try something a bit outside of your normal scrap routine? That’s what I wanted to do….I wanted to make a layout without many layers. I wanted to still use an assortment of papers and embellishments, but to use them as a grid sort of layout instead of layered in a single stack. My brain was just not going in that direction! I tried for an hour to make it work…… I moved things around multiple times. Finally I walked away for a day. When I came back, I tried again. I realized that I needed to just go with the layers. I tried to re-use the papers I had already selected and cut and outlined for the layers. I ended up working on that for quite a while, too. It also wasn’t working. Finally I went back to what was familiar. I started over and didn’t push myself to use anything I had already selected for the previously frustrating layout. See, I was getting very frustrated, and that’s not what scrapping is about! Scrapbooking is my creative get away. It’s my recharging time. I ended up with a layout I love, even if it doesn’t have a clearly defined title!

Merry Christmas LO

I used Heidi Swapp gold lame spritz to give some small ink droplets to the background. I love this stuff! It does take a few minutes to dry, but it’s absolutely beautiful!

detail christmas

Did I mention I also did a process video for this layout? Hmmm…well, I sorta did…. I taped the first hour. Then walked away. Then I taped my second attempt. Walked away again. The third try, I also taped! I’ve not had a chance to edit the video, but when I do I’ll put a link here. It may end up being a three part video, so that you don’t have to watch me redo the process time and again! 😉

Have you ever had fits with a layout like this? Did you finally get it to work, or did you fall back on the tried and true? I do want to try to do an unlayered layout again one day. But maybe not today. 😉

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Snow Happy – Photo Love Friday

With all the wintery weather we’ve had this week, I thought I’d share with you a snow layout I made. No, it’s not from this past week. We only got wintery mix and some touches of flurries, but TONS of sleet and freezing rain!

These photos are from my childhood. We lived in Virginia for a few years and we had a big snow one winter! This photo is of my sister standing on a sidewalk in the snow.

snow happy

I remember that snow very well! We had tons of fun sledding down a nearby hill with our friends. I have no idea how we were able to play for so long in such bitter temperatures! Just being outside for a short while when it’s in the 30s is TOO cold for me, now! I remember coming inside with soggy mittens or gloves, and being impatient to go back out into the cold again!

I had lots of fun making this layout! I love the cool blues and white in this one. The transparency is a super old one from my stash. I think it’s from 2006! It’s made by Heidi Swapp. Lots of outlined layers stacked up! The cluster over on the right is several label pieces layered with some embellishments. I added a liberal sprinkling of some sequins for some added sparkle. It was hard to just sprinkle them and let them be glued where they fell, but I did it! I’m not usually that brave! Most of my embellishments are carefully thought through and planned! More sparkle was added with the delicately glittered snowflakes and the silver and white twine. Some punchinella was also tucked in the layers for more visual interest and shine.

snow happy detail

Is it snowing in your area? Is this year a colder than typical year? It certainly has been colder than normal here!

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Photo Love Friday – Splash!

This past summer, my kids and I spent several afternoons in a friend’s pool. The kids had a blast! I was regretting not bringing my camera one day, so I settled for my iPhone for a few quick snaps. (well, maybe more than a few…) I was very pleased with how those photos turned out! I was very surprised and happy!

I ended up with 9 photos that I wanted to put on a layout. I couldn’t narrow it down further. To fit that many photos on a layout, a single page layout at that, I used my photo editing software to help me. I opened a 4×6 new file, and resized my photos to make a collage that fit within those parameters. The layout only uses two 4×6 photos. The first photo has one 4×4 and two 2×2 images. The other photo is comprised of six 2×2 photos.


I love how this turned out! I used strips of patterned paper at the top and bottom to draw your eye into the layout. The splashes are fussy cut from mirrored paper. I glued down the pointed end, but used a pop dot under the other end to make the splashes come alive. Some enamel dots were the perfect accent and enhanced the ‘wet’ theme of the layout. The bright happy colors and smiling kid faces make this one a favorite layout!

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Photo Friday – At the Fair

Fridays are going to be my photo sharing days. I hope to share a photo with you and the layout I made, or the card that was inspired by the colors in the photo.

Here’s the photo that I used to inspire the colors chosen for my card. (I ran out of time to finish my layout, so I whipped up a card from another photo, instead! I’ve been cleaning/reorganizing my scrap space. It was all kinds of crazy since we moved back home after some major renovations to the house.)

inspired fair photo
I took this photo while our family was waiting in line at the Fair. This was the first year we went, and we all had a blast! You could purchase tickets for ride admission, or you could pay one flat fee, and get a bracelet that let you ride everything. We all got the bracelets, and it was nice to not worry about how much each ride cost. These signs were posted at every ride with the ticket requirements and height restrictions. There were 3-4 different characters that were on various signs. This little dude cracked me up. He appears shocked to find that this ride costs three whole tickets! I giggled every time I saw him. (maybe you had to be there….or we can just accept the fact that I’m weird!)

I took a photo because I thought it was funny, but I also realize I’m probably not going to be scrapping that photo. The colors at the fair were so vibrant and happy. I’m pretty sure all fairs are that way! Since this photo won’t be in my scrapbook, let’s use it in another way – as inspiration. I loved the dark pink, rich blue and touch of yellow. Here’s what I created:

fair inspired card colored copy

The Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper collection had the right mix of saturated, happy colors. I used several pieces from my 6×6 inch pad. The floral pattern had all three colors and the deep denim blue gave visual weight to the bottom of the card. I rounded the top corners of the floral pattern and inked it in blue to help define the edge. Pink enamel dots gave a punch of color to those top corners and two pink bands covered the seam.

For the greeting, I used a PinkPaislee clear stamp from their Portfolio collection. I stamped it onto some patterned paper and clear embossed the image. Then I used Faded Jeans Distress Ink to darken the negative space to make the greeting stand out. After fussy cutting the image, I used pop dots to adhere it to the card. To finish it off, I rounded the top corners of the card base, and added some faux stitching to the pink strips behind the greeting.

That wraps up today’s creative share. Next Friday I’ll share another photo, and the layout using that picture. Be sure to stop by Sam’s blog to see what cuties are showing up in her photos!

There’s still time to make a window card and link it to Monday’s Challenge! If you haven’t had a moment, try to find a small bit of time that you can use to be creative and recharge! Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!