November Beach Crop!


Tomorrow I’ll have a post about our family’s move to Utah. Today I have an exciting announcement. The title above probably gives it away!

I’ve been happily teaching at local scrapbook stores and crops or events for many years. I love to share my love of creating with other crafters! I also love to have fun and laugh as I teach – I really do adore the women I work with! I’ve been lucky to teach for Christy, the owner of ScrapHappy, at her semiannual Beach Crops since 2014. We always have a blast in class! With my move to Utah, I didn’t think I’d be able to teach at another of her events, but I’m so happy to announce that I’ll be back for the November Beach Crop!!!!! (yes, 5 exclamation points was totally warranted!) I have a class or two that I’m developing to teach….not sure which one (or more!) I’ll end up fully developing…. The classes I love to teach the most are techniques. Showing you how to use a new product works or how to create a different piece of scrappy awesomeness using your long loved products in a new way. I also love showing off how *easily* a “complicated technique” can be achieved. I’ve taught everything from card classes featuring a little technique to a full on mixed media canvas class! (remember how “stupid easy” that one was?! So fun!!) Creating isn’t supposed to be stressful – we are supposed to be enjoying ourselves!

I’m developing my November Beach Crop classes now, SO – today, my question to you is this: What do YOU want to see in a class? What would you want to learn or do? Leave your comments below sharing what you’d love to see in a class or what your favorite past class has been!

Sign up for the November Beach Crop in Destin, FL HERE. Remember, even if you can’t attend the whole weekend of the crop, you can always drop by to take classes and shop the amazing vendors that will be there! (but we’ll miss you cropping with us!!)

Organizing A Creative Space

cutting table

Since moving, I have to rethink my organization and layout to fit my new area and current storage options. After my assembly debacle in the last post, I purchased some screws and assembled the storage piece. While assembling the piece, I was analyzing how I wanted to use the space I have. I used part of the afternoon brainstorming and running through creative process ideas – what do I want to accomplish? How will I use the space? What do I want closer to me as I work? What is less important to have at my fingertips? What areas will need space to grow as I add supplies and are there things I really don’t need anymore? All these answers affect the way I want my space organized and the layout that will be most efficient for my creative process.

Think about your space and the way you have your supplies organized. Think about your creative process. Do you look at a project and think – hmmm….I need a tag/label/button right here…. Or do you look at it and think – I need something blue/red/green…. Knowing your own creative process and how your brain works and what your eye looks for will help you to be more efficiently organized. If you tend to look for color vs supply type can help.

I used to be organized by color – all my red items were together. I had one divided organizer that held all my red brads, clips, buttons, glitter packs, ribbon, twine, etc. After a few years I noticed that my creative process had changed. I found myself often looking for a specific shape or type of supply – regardless of color, or rather less specific on color. I could choose any tag that coordinated with my layout, but I knew I wanted a tag in that one spot. As a result, I reorganized my space to fit my creative needs.

As I keep tweaking my new space, comment below… How are your supplies organized? Do you notice that your creative eye tends to look for a specific color or item? Has your organization style changed over time?

Some Assembly Required

missing bag

I’m putting together a piece of recollections storage furniture. I purchased two identical pieces a week ago. First one went together without issue. Opened the second unit’s box…..missing one of the bags of screws. The main bag of screws to assemble the whole piece! (no bag #1 in photo above!) I called the number on the directions – it was a recording saying the number was disconnected but gave another number to call. I dialed and a woman answered the phone: “Hello?”

I was taken by surprise – I totally expected a professional business type greeting! I said, “um….I’m trying to reach Recollections?” Yes, it was a question… She said “Yes?” So I explained that I had purchased a piece of storage furniture from Michaels Craft Store and was missing one of the bags of screws included in the hardware. She asked my name, phone number and email address. Then she said I needed to EMAIL them my address and request the screws!! I told her that the instructions clearly stated I could call to get the parts, and could she please take my info over the phone. She seemed a bit put off by my request, but said she could. I gave her my mailing address and the item number of the product I purchased. (and clearly I did not think this through before calling because….) She then said it would take about 48-72 hours to process my request, then they would ship them out and it would take 5-7 business days to be delivered. That’s maybe waiting 10 business days to receive the part. While I have all the bits and pieces scattered around ready to be assembled…… So I’m headed out to go buy some screws.

Hi there…


Well, it’s been a while…. I almost feel like I should be re-introducing myself! My life got a little more crazy and full when I picked up a second part time job last spring.  For the past few years I’ve held a small part time job as a seamstress sewing patches and hems for a local uniform shop. It’s pretty flexible since it’s something I can do at home and I have a couple days turn around time.

Last April, I had the opportunity to pick up another part time job at a flower shop. I absolutely love my job! I know there’s still lots to learn, but I can now say I’m a floral designer. I have a wonderful coworker that took me under her wing and showed me the ropes, er, flowers…. I’m proud to say that I survived my first Valentine’s Day! It was super busy and a bit hectic, but it was also a great learning experience. Because of how busy we were, I was basically forced to trust myself and not over think what I was doing, and just DO IT. It really pushed me and gave me a confidence boost. Being a floral designer is a great fit for me because it allows me to flex my creative muscles! The only downside is that my schedule has been busier and I have to manage my time better to get any scrap time. (managing my time better is a good thing, though!)

My blog stalled after I starting working at the flower shop. I felt like I was juggling so many things with family, kids, jobs, etc, and this was the easiest to let slide. I want to recommit to my blog and scrapping on a regular basis. I went to a crop a couple weeks ago, and it re-energized me! If you look at my archives, you see that I mainly posted cards and layouts, weekly challenges, some tutorials, and was just starting to do videos. Please leave a comment with any suggestions on things you’d like to see. Do you love sketches? Process videos? New tools or techniques? For now, I’m going to finish clearing off my desk so that I can get scrappy!

Make Something Monday #16

*So, this was left in draft status in error….Please excuse the tardy post!

Another week begins with a new challenge! Did you find time to make something last week? Sadly, I had zero spare time! I’ve recently started a new job, and its surprisingly busy around here! I’m hoping to take a bit of time this weekend and get some posts in the hopper so that I’m not so crunched for time when a post is due.

This week’s challenge is to make something with paint. It can be water color, acrylic, twinkling h2os, whatever paint you have on hand. Just show us your projects with paint!

Here is the start of a card that I’ve done playing with some paint and canvas.


I plan to mat it on some patterned paper and finish off the card. Hand painted greetings are all the rage right now. I painted the background in a soft aqua. Then I thinned a bit of teal paint and used my brush and tapped it above the canvas to make the spatters. The hello is hand painted in navy paint. I think I may go over it one more time with navy. I’m wanting more coverage in the greeting, I think.

Now it’s your turn! Grab some paint and get crafty! Share your project here below in the linky and you may be selected as our featured blogger next week when we post a new Monday challenge!

Be sure to stop in at Sam’s blog to see what she’s made, too! Have fun, see you soon!


Make Something Monday #15

This week is spring break for my kidlets. I totally forgot that when I posted this past Friday. Sam and I will be taking a week “off” and jump back in next Monday. We’ll still have a challenge this week….an easy one….stay tuned! First, our featured project from last week was created by….



This beautiful card has lots of shine with the mirrored and foiled papers! What a beautiful job! Go see more of Hazel’s work on her blog, My Crafty Outlet. Thank you for sharing your project with us, Hazel! I hope you’ll come back and share more of your work in future challenges!

Ok, this week, the challenge is easy! And I’m going to take the challenge, too…yes, I’ve not done it yet, so I don’t have a sample to share with you. This week is an ANYTHING GOES week! We just want you to take a few moments and be creative!  So – remember, just take some time to be creative! I’ll do my best to do the same, and post a quick photo blog post when I get it done. Not sure what day that will be! Until then! Have a great week!


Nothing to see here, folks

No post for me today. Just a short explanation. I’ve been having migraines recently and they are super annoying. Just saying. Yesterday was a bad one. So, I knew today would be a delayed post and I’d planned on doing a quick post this morning after a dr appointment. Well, just for excitement, we had a false alarm at the house and came home from the dr to our wonderful city police officers making sure our home was safe. God bless those officers that keep our city safe! So, there is no post today. I’m shaking thinking about several years ago, when we had no alarm, and we were burglarized. My nerves are now shot. Sorry, I’ll try to do a make up day next week and throw in an extra post! :)

Be sure to stop in and check on Sam to see what she’s sharing today. And remember to enter this week’s Make Something Monday Challenge with any project that has some SHINE! :) Have a great weekend!

I Understand the Alcohol Marker Love

I know alcohol markers (ie: Copic, Spectrum Noir, etc) are big in the craft world, and have been for some time! I kept resisting because we all know I don’t need another obsession! I loved the look of gradient color that I saw created with the markers, but the price was the key thing that kept me resisting a purchase. I learned to use my distress inks and water color pencils and paints to get similar looks. It wasn’t the same, but it was enough. I knew I wanted to try the colored pencil and gamsol technique one day, but I just haven’t made it that far. It’s on my list, though! 😉

Well, I came across a crafter that was wanting to sell her full collection of Spectrum Noir markers at an amazing price. Around a dollar a marker.  Copics average $5-6 each, and Spectrum Noir average $2-3, so you can see this was a fantastic opportunity. I jumped on it. They are in practically new condition. There are a handful that need to be reinked, but I have 61 functioning markers now. And I understand. I get it. I know the love, now. I was happy to invest this smaller amount to see if I liked the markers without the huge outlay. I got them a few months ago, and have slowly started playing and trying to learn how to use them. There is a bit of a learning curve. They aren’t like regular Crayola markers that we all used as kids. They are better! 😀

I had already planned on getting Spectrum Noir markers because of the price point. It’s more of a realistic splurge for me at this point. One day I may start investing in copic markers, but for now, I’m happy with Spectrum Noir. The main draw for me to eventually consider copic was that that brand has a brush tip on one end and a chisel on the other. Spectrum Noir pens have a bullet tip and a chisel tip, but their new ‘next generation’ pens allow you to trade out the chisel tip for a brush nib! The markers I have now are the older style, but Joann sells the sets, and I may convert to the newer next generation SN pens and sell the ones I currently have to another crafter wanting to learn and try them out. At Joann I can use a coupon and knock the price of the pens even lower, making it a smart way to grow a collection on a budget!

Ok, a little more about the Spectrum Noir (SN) markers. There are 168 colors available. This is broken down into 12 groups of 6 color families and 4 sets of 24 markers. There are no duplicates between sets. I have the 12 sets of 6, but 11 of the markers are too dry to use, so I have 60 colors and the blender. I love that I can get certified online! They have an online test you can color and send in to their company, and they will certify you at no cost! They have been uploading lots of videos on YouTube to give you direction and instruction on each step of the test, too. They also offer a dvd of instruction. It’s on my wish list! Eventually I’d love to take the copic certification test, but this will give me a fantastic start! (and I may decide I don’t need copic when all is said and done!) I’ve downloaded and colored in the color chart that is offered on their website and started coloring images.

You want to use an ink that is friendly with alcohol markers. I found that my home printer ink plays well with the ink in the markers. Yay!! This makes digital stamps easy for me to color. The most popular ink recommended to stamp with when using alcohol markers is the Memento brand ink. I do not have the black, but do have the rich cocoa, so I’ve been using that. (on a side note, alcohol markers do NOT play well with embossing powder. They sorta dissolve it and make it yucky. Don’t try it – it’s not pretty!)

Here is a pretty water lily stamp that I colored in.

water lily

I love how pretty the flower blended in the petals and the center. I need more green colors to get the look I want for the lily pad. I’m not really that happy with the result here. I’m still learning, though, so I may be able to get better results in the future. We’ll see.

Here’s a tip for you if you like fussy cutting your images to use on cards or pages. When you are done cutting it out, take a black marker (or marker that matches your stamping ink, like brown in the example shown below), and run it around the cut edge. This covers any minor imperfections made when cutting the image out and gives it a finished look to the edge. Try it! You’ll see how much more crisp and professional the finished result is!

before after

This is all I have for you today! Lots of info shared, though! You can find more info on Spectrum Noir Markers on their website and YouTube Channel. I’ve been working on revamping my video camera set up, and hopefully will be starting some more video shares very soon. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you won’t miss anything!

Stop in at Sam’s to see what she’s been working on! (maybe I should follow suit, and post some pics like her one day as a bonus!)

There’s also plenty of time to link up your SHINE project to this week’s Make Something Monday Challenge. See you on Friday!

Make Something Monday #14

It’s a wet start to our week down here on the Gulf Coast! Guess that’s how spring gets going, huh? :) So did you get time to be crafty this past weekend? Unfortunately, even with the rain keeping me indoors, I didn’t get a chance to break out the craftiness. I plan on changing that today! 😉 First off, let’s see who caught our eye in last week’s SPARKLE challenge! Our featured project was made by

LOLS at Lorraine’s Loft!

Lorraine's Loft

All the sparkle caught our eye! We love this Christmas card! Nothing like getting a head start on the Christmas rush! 😉 Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing it with us! Go see more beautiful work and get inspiration at Lorraine’s Loft!

Now, on to this week’s challenge….Last week we wanted you to sparkle. This week we want you to SHINE! Yes, get your shine on! It’s time to break out the enamel dots, glossy accents, acrylic bits, and anything that shines. We are not looking for sparkle – just shine! (no glitter, sequins or rhinestones!) Are you up to the challenge?

Since I didn’t have time to create a new project, I snagged a layout from last year to share with you today. I used dew drops on this layout to give a little shine as some accents!

Silly Croppers

Yes, that’s Sam and me with one of our table mates being silly at a crop hosted by ScrapHappy! I love hanging out with Sam! She’s a hoot! So, now it’s your turn to share your shine with us! Get out anything with some shine – embossing powder, glossy accents, those popular enamel dots, some fancy brads you’ve been hoarding – and make something!

Check Sam’s Blog to see her project – she got to spend time in her craft room!!

See you on Wednesday! Now, go get crafty!

Photo Friday

I’ve got some photos to share with you today. It’s been one heck of a week!  (and much as I’d love to keep it a shocker, be aware there is a photo of a snake at the end of this post. If snakes scare you, be aware. It will be after the photo of a tire, so scroll carefully)

ham First up, HAM….yummy delicious ham!! I tried a new recipe to cook this ham and I have to say I don’t think I’ll ever cook a ham differently! It was so moist, flavorful and tender! What did I do? I cooked it in the crock pot! I’ve always baked hams in the oven, but I didn’t have the time to do that this week. I had a busy day, so I googled crock pot ham. I came across a blog post with rave reviews.  (you can find that blog post here.) So, I tried it! It was heaven!

flat pup

My silly puppy! Yes, he did snooze a few minutes draped across the steps like this. No, I don’t know how he thought that was comfortable! He’s quite the goofball sometimes!

wet gus

Here he is all wet after a bath. He is so sweet and gentle! He takes great baths, too! Now that he’s outgrown my big kitchen sink, we bathe him in the kids’ tub. His first bath, he just layed down in the water! He’s preparing to lose those sharp baby teeth, so he’s chewing a lot! He is pretty good about keeping it to dog toys, thank goodness! He is rough on the stuffed animal toys….we’re gonna have to invest in some tougher stuffies!


And, on Wednesday, this happened. It’s the first flat I’ve ever had out on the road. Yes, I hit a curb…but I know it was better than hitting the idiot that was over the yellow line and in my lane as I was turning left. I couldn’t see that he was on my side of the road until I was already in the turn. I was so glad to have roadside assistance. While I know how to change a tire, my strength isn’t what it used to be, so I was grateful to be able to call my insurance to send someone out! (Hubby was tied up with work.)

Snake photo is next…..don’t scroll past here if you don’t want to see it……




It’s not a big snake…..but it is a snake……



After the older boys brought the trashcans back up to the house from the curb, they rushed into the house saying there was a snake in the driveway! I went outside and did find a dead snake in the drive. It was a small snake. It was just over 12″ in length, but I didn’t know what kind of snake it was. While I doubted it was poisonous, I still wanted to check! I went and used my good friend google, and determined this was a brown snake. Real descriptive, huh? Just a common brown snake. And while I thought it might be a young snake, I found that this is an adult! They stay small – full grown at 12″. I think one of the neighborhood cats may have killed it.

Ok, so there is a short and sweet photo account of highlights from my week. How has your week been?

Check in with Sam to see what photos she’s sharing with you, too!

Enter your sparkle creations into this week’s Make Something Monday Challenge! If you haven’t played with your glitter and rhinestones or sequins recently – break them out this weekend and make something to link up to the challenge! See you Monday!